Bollé Brands has appointed VMDUK to distribute in the U.K. Spy+, a Californian brand of sunglasses, prescription frames and winter products.

Spy+ was founded in 1994 in San Diego and in September 2019 it was taken over by Bollé Brands, which is supporting its expansion in Europe.

VMDUK is headed by a former Oakley and Adidas U.K. sales manager, Martin Jones. Over the past 25 years, the company has distributed Dirty Dog Eyewear in the country. Its eyewear portfolio also includes the North Beach brand.

The British company pointed out that in the future it is ready to widen its product range, but currently its focus is on developing Spy+ and the other brands it holds.

Run by Peter Smith, the former chief executive of Musto, Bollé Brands is the new company founded after the acquisition of Bollé, Serengeti, Cébé and H2Optics by a private equity firm, A&M Capital Europe, following their divestiture by Vista Outdoor in August 2018.