Source: Messe München

ISPO Brandnew 2021

Ispo Brandnew, purportedly the world’s largest start-up competition for the sporting goods industry started by Messe München 20 years ago, will as usual form part of the next – entirely virtual – Ispo Munich trade show, scheduled for Feb. 1-5. Some 30 young companies – 10 winners and 20 “selected brands” – will introduce themselves, in their respective virtual showrooms, before Ispo’s audience of international specialists, and the top 10 among them will make a live pitch to become the overall winner. To reward unconventional thinking, however, this year’s jury will not be scoring in set categories.

The winners of Ispo Brandnew 2021 are:

  • Agogic (Italy) for Weatherproof 2.0, an outerwear line that combines classic rainwear, outdoor lifestyle and athleisure luxury for working women aged 30 to 50, with a repair and buyback system.
  • ajuma (Germany) for UV-Bodyguard, a device that can be worn as a wristband or attached to a backpack, which works in tandem with an app to measure UV levels in real time and warn those with sensitive skin.
  • AUFTRIIB (Switzerland) for CRAMPOW, strap-mounted carbon-fiber panels that serve as both crampons and snow shoes, and whose purchase triggers a donation of €20 to €60 to Protect Our Winters (POW).
  • AYAQ (Switzerland) for its ecological and functional ski touring clothing, including the Forno vest, which can be removed from underneath a jacket and backpack, and the Nunatak Hybrid Pants, with a crotch design especially for ski touring.
  • Maporto (Poland) for the Relief System, a patented device that can attach to any backpack, child carrier or similar back-borne load and transfer the weight from the shoulders to the hips.
  • Skibrid (France) for the SKIBRID Neo, which turns skis or a snowboard into a hybrid of mountain bike and board, with handlebars, to enable easy carving.
  • SouthernShores (Germany} for The Ocean Mat, a sustainable yoga mat made of FSC-certified natural rubber and recycled plastic bottles, with no waste in their manufacture, and one percent of revenues going toward the protection of dolphins and whales.
  • Veloine-WomenCyclingApparel (Germany) for Women Cycling Apparel, designed for pregnant cyclists, with a jersey whose special fabric fold expands to accommodate an expectant mother’s expanding belly.
  • WestKiteboarding (Germany) for, a patented safety binding for kite surfing that uses two magnets, each with an adhesive force of 120 kilograms, and individually adjustable release units.
  • YourCoaching (Germany) for an eponymous software tool that enables fitness trainers with no knowledge of coding to create apps for training programs, diet plans, advertising, voucher campaigns and so forth.