Schöffel has opened a “Digital Brand Space,” making its entire brand world a virtual experience. The German outdoor company’s retail partners can enter the digital, three-dimensional space at any time and from anywhere in the world and access information and photo and video material from the Schöffel collections. The brand space was designed and developed by Munich-based exhibition booth builder Meplan, who has constructed the physical trade show booths for Schöffel for many years.

The user enters the Digital Brand Space similar to a virtual trade show booth or showroom and finds the essential content about the brand and the collections from the four focus areas of Outdoor, Bike, On-Piste/Ski & TeamWear and Off-Piste/Ski. In addition, the user can watch videos with additional information provided by the product managers or designers. Brand partners will also find additional content such as a sell-in film, a fashion show and background information on the design and technologies used in the products. There is also the option of downloading the order books.

Schöffel is already making plans to further develop the Digital Brand Space technologically in the future, including features like the integration of avatars or a direct link to the Schöffel order platform. The content is also designed to be used for other channels simultaneously, for example, on the Schöffel website or when addressing consumers in the physical store.

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Source: Schöffel

Schöffel’s Digital Brand Space