After meeting Anthony Owosekun at the European Outdoor Summit 2023 (EOS) in Berlin, where he presented the non-profit organization he founded, it is a heartfelt matter for us to introduce him and his NGO to our readers who could not attend EOS last fall.


Source: Jasmin Valcarcel / EMPOCA


EMPOCA was founded in 2018 by Owosekun. It is a Berlin-based non-profit organization dedicated to connecting Black kids in Europe with the great outdoors. Through various outdoor programs, EMPOCA aims to foster environmental education, promote diversity, and create positive nature experiences for young minds.


5-year milestone and achievements

As EMPOCA celebrates its 5th anniversary, it’s worth reflecting on the incredible strides made in bringing nature closer to young hearts. Over the years, EMPOCA has connected more than 1,500 Black children and teenagers in Germany with nature through various outdoor programs. The organization has been shaping the next generation of environmental changemakers, from camping adventures to nature walks and engaging birding activities. These outdoor activities not only provide enriching experiences but also contribute significantly to the holistic development of participants. See attached for visuals capturing these transformative moments.

Highlight programs and actions in 2023

In 2023, after a successful spring camp, EMPOCA faced a media storm following an interview in Spiegel magazine with the NGO’s founder. Due to security reasons, they paused their outdoor programs to reorganize and find strong partnerships since the demand for outdoor sports in the DACH region is increasing. Being part of EOS this year was also a highlight for EMPOCA, enabling Owosekun to connect with the industry and present his NGO.

Areas needing support

Despite the remarkable achievements, EMPOCA faces challenges, particularly in securing financial resources to conduct its outdoor camps. These camps are vital for providing immersive nature experiences to the youth, creating lasting memories and instilling a love for the environment.

How the Outdoor Industry can support

The Outdoor Industry plays a pivotal role in supporting EMPOCA’s mission. Strong partnerships are key, especially those that align with EMPOCA’s vision for a more diverse, inclusive, and sustainable outdoor community. Collaboration can focus on:

  • Increasing access to nature for Black kids and teenagers.
  • Promoting diversity and a sense of belonging in outdoor sports.
  • Championing social responsibility and sustainability.

Contact for collaborations

For those interested in partnering with EMPOCA, please reach out to Direct contributions can be made at Donate to EMPOCA, ensuring that every donation goes towards creating meaningful outdoor experiences for Black youth in Europe.


Source: Jasmin Valcarcel / EMPOCA