Carbon Tanzania_2

Source: Carbon Tanzania

In partnership with the Swiss organization Myclimate, Zurich-based expedition equipment brand Exped offsets all climate-relevant emissions generated during the entire life cycle of its sleeping mats starting in 2021 - from the sourcing of raw materials to production, transport, use, and disposal or recycling of the mats. With this step, Exped claims to offer the first and only climate-neutral mats on the market. The mat sleeves, made of strong paper, are marked with the Myclimate logo and links to Exped’s website with more information about the company’s sustainability efforts.

The non-profit organization Myclimate currently runs 125 climate conservation projects in 37 countries, creating thousands of local jobs and protecting biodiversity. To offset its emissions, Exped chose a wildlife conservation project in Tanzania that combats poaching and illegal land use, but also provides medical care and education for the local population.