Icebreaker, a brand of VF Corp., has released its fourth Transparency Report. A major highlight in the latest edition of the report reveals that 91 percent of the brand’s total fiber composition is now merino or plant-based, up from 87 percent in 2020. Icebreaker forecasts to sell more than 1.3 million units of 100 percent merino or plant-based apparel in 2021 alone. Icebreaker released the inaugural edition of its Transparency Report in 2017. Two years later, it launched its objective to have all its clothing be made from Merino wool or plant-based fibers by 2023. Icebreaker said that it is currently “working on alternatives,” including using bio-based fibers, for the small number of petrochemical synthetics that cannot be removed. The synthetic fibers that remain in the range and are still derived from petrochemicals include nylon in socks for strength, elastane in underwear for stretch, and polyester jackets for lightweight strength.