Protect Our Winters (POW) UK launched POW Pledge, a digital portal to equip the industry to take climate action towards net zero. “It’s very simple; our industry has to act on climate change in order to survive,” said POW ambassador Ed Leigh. “The POW Pledge is the map that can guide organizations through these changes and then in turn, because of the nature of our industry, we can inspire others to join our goal to become a Net Zero society.”

On its YouTube channel, POW UK writes: “Whether you are a business of one, ten or hundreds, your impact is in your influence. We need to face the facts that climate breakdown is real, it has started and we need to act now. The business sector accounts for around 70% of carbon emissions globally and, alone, the outdoors sector is worth $800 billion (bigger than the world’s top 3 fossil fuel companies combined).“

After taking the pledge online and outlining one‘s goals, which only takes a few minutes according to POW, a brand or organization can become a pledge member to gain public recognition of their commitment to safeguarding the industry. Members can use the logo, be part of the POW Pledge member page, be included in marketing and communications and receive marketing assets for their own channels. Membership is based on donations, but POW is asking for at least £100 to cover the cost of maintaining the resources.