Moncler is launching a jacket collection made entirely of sustainable materials for men, women and children as part of its Born to Protect plan. The plan was announced last October as the brand’s strategic commitment to a sustainable future with five main pillars: combating climate change, integrating the circular economy model, promoting a responsible supply chain, improving diversity and supporting the social and economic development of local communities.

The new jacket range fulfills three of these pillars:

  • Climate protection - every material in the range is sustainable. Fabrics and accessories, with the exception of down, are recycled, ensuring a reduction of around 40 percent of CO₂ emissions.
  • Circular economy - fabrics and accessories, including zippers and buttons, are made from Econyl® nylon derived from marine and land waste.
  • Fair Sourcing - the down is 100 percent DIST (Down Integrity System and Traceability) certified, ensuring traceability and high standards of farming through a scientific approach throughout the supply chain. The down comes exclusively from geese bred for meat.

The Born to Protect jackets are all black, “a color that suits any occasion.“ The men’s jackets range from the full-body protection of the Nicaise to the Gaite with a distinctive front pocket and the versatile Dabos with detachable hood and sleeves. For women, there’s the Teremba, a rollable quilted jacket; the Lemenez, an oversized and slim-fitting protective style, and the Gatope, an all-purpose jacket cut at the hip. The Gaite and Lemenez are also shrunk into kids’ sizes, while the Hasan is for babies.