The textile industry – creative but slow to seize on new technologies – is undoubtedly not the most environmentally friendly industry on the market. To move towards sustainability, brands and consumers need to keep up with innovations, among them digital clothing. To ensure the long-term sustainability of fashion production, The Fabricant, a digital fashion house based in Amsterdam, has taken an in-depth look at the subject of digital apparel production. It has joined the Swedish outdoor and ski fashion brand Peak Performance in digitizing some of the latter’s styles for its fall/winter 2021/22 collection – a shift from physical samples to digital samples and services.

With less time, effort and resources spent producing physical samples, Peak Performance can focus on new potentialities, such as creating and developing samples on 3D avatars. Internal communication and exchanges with supply chain partners have improved as well. In addition to the major sustainability goals, then, Peak Performance will be incorporating speed, precision and agility into its business development.