German multisport retailer Bergzeit is trading hiking as the trend topic in summer 2021 and supports it with a special hiking campaign that will run from April 13 to May 2. Existing customers are addressed via organic social media, newsletters, advertising space in the store and magazine. New customers will be directed to the content via social-paid campaigns, influencers and brand ambassadors. The campaign page (German only) takes users directly to the test to find out what type of hiker the customer is. The user can then call up specific information on suitable equipment.

Bergzeit had initiated a survey on the subject of hiking in advance with almost 3,000 respondents, the results of which serve as the basis for the campaign. The results (in German) can be viewed here. It shows, for example, that around 73 percent of the respondents would not go anywhere without their smartphone, and that it is considered an absolute must-have when hiking. 98 percent of participants consider it a natural thing to take their own trash back with them and dispose of it correctly (“Leave no trace”). 80 percent of the respondents follow the designated trails for the protection of flora and fauna. Another 56 percent see the health aspect of hiking: From their point of view, hiking is good for mental health. Younger people in particular rate the psychological benefits as an important, positive effect of the sport.